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Random Musings of the Carmen fans
Ivy thinking

Random Musings From Fans

Welcome! This is a page of all the random thoughts various fans of "Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?" have come up with. Now are they interesting points or are we all headed for the nut house?

You make the call!

The following ideas have come from The Carmen Sandiego Discussion Center . Also, if you're wondering what all this talk of "losing doughnuts" is in these discussions, please visit Kara French's page that well explains this disease, Donut Deficiency Syndrome Explained

And now...let's see what we've pondered:

Red Ball Sara Bellum- Always Insane? Why Did Carmen take her Back?

Red Ball Is Carmen Sandiego a True Villianess?

Red Ball What if Carmen Never Became a Thief?

Red Ball Zack and Ivy's Parents- Where Are They? What Kind of Parents are They?

Red Ball The Differences of Zack and Ivy's Attitudes

Have a pondering to add? Have something to add to the above ponderings? Drop me a line at:

Coming soon- a page of things suggested to ponder!

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