Zack and Ivy

What About Zack and Ivy's Parents?

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All right, did anyone else ever wonder what Zack & Ivy's parents were like? I can only remember them talking about them in ep., "Labyrinth: When In Rome". They must be pretty easygoing to let their kids gallavant around the world after Carmen. They probably don't get to see them much either. I can just picture Zack's mom saying to him, "What do I have to do to see my own son. Rob a bank?" Ok, that was my mom, but anyway.....


Yeah, and I wish we knew what Zack and Ivy's last names were too. :) Anyway, the detectives must have THE MOST liberal parents. Can you image your kid saying, ''Hi mom, I'm going out to try to catch Carmen Sandiego. I dunno where I'm gonna be for the next couple of days, so don't keep dinner waiting, ok?'' I assume their parents are in fact still alive even if the only mention of them is in part 3 of ''Labyrinth.'' Hmm, I suppose you're also right and the parents don't see them much. Except for in a crime downtime I suppose. ''Oh good, Carmen hasn't pulled a caper in awhile, maybe we can all go do something together kids!'' Depending on how their parent's are, the detective's responce will either be: a) ''Sure, we could go to that restaurant you like, how about that?'' or b) ''Um, we should get back to Acme, who knows when Carmen will strike- bye!'' Basically, from the mention in Labyrinth, I get the feeling that their parents just don't like them roughhousing. About all I can say though. :)


Yeah I know. You would think that they would be mad that they never got to see them. Good call!!!!!!!!!!

Belle Book:

Since you mention it, I would like to see an episode where we learn: 1) what Ivy and Zack's last name was, 2) who their parents are, 3) how Ivy and Zack got interested in chasing after criminals, specifically Carmen Sandiego, and 4) why their parents allowed them to go chasing Carmen in the first place. You're right. Ivy and Zack's parents must be quite liberal. After all, if I wanted to go chasing after Carmen, I doubt my father would let me go off all by myself or with a partner. He'd be worried sick about me.


I wonder why everyone else on the show got a last name except for Zack & Ivy. Carmen has a last name, Lee Jordan had a last name, even Psycho Sara had a last name. Wonder why it was never mentioned... Yes, Zack and Ivy must have the most liberal parents on the planet. I kind of wish they were MY parents. I mean no curfews, no nagging, no "quality time". I'd have it made. :) I'm sure that Carmen gets to see more of them than their own mother. I wonder what she'd say to them if they were ever introduced......:)


Zack and Ivy's parents are liberal to the extreme, or perhaps maybe not. While I am positive that my parents would not like me to go halfway around the world to go catch a red-coated lady, it is within the realm of possibility that Zack and Ivy's parents want them to learn certain responsibilities, etc. They seemed to live quite well in San Francisco seeing as though they have a nice house. My thought is this: Zack and Ivy's parents may be businesspeople working long hours and figured that their children should have another source of guidance. They live in San Francisco and ACME Headquarters is based there. That makes matters quite convienent. I wonder one thing: when is Zack going to school. It could be that after mastering 25 languages of the world and the fundamental theories of quantum physics, Zack has the intelligence to test out of high school and could have an bachelor's (or masters) degree in computer science (he went to the Pentagon to fix the computer system) and another in international relations (where else will 25 languages be a help besides ACME). As for Ivy, she is 18 and doesn't have to go to college, or maybe like her brother she's already done.


Hmmm. I always had the feeling that Zack and Ivy's parents also worked for ACME, though not necessarily in the crime-stopping capacity of their kids. Perhaps, just like Carmen, they were once ACME agents. Perhaps they helped teach Carmen some of her ACME detective skills. As for education, both Zack and Ivy easily have their HS diplomas. I expect both take courses at ACME that would count as college credit at a university (perhaps UCLA or USC). It would not surprise me if Zach took courses by computer - and whipped through them in half the required time. I would expect Ivy would be more comfortable with self-tutoring or taking classes in the normal sense (classroom lectures, homework, etc.). As I have said before, way too many story ideas pop up during these discussions ...

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